Week 5 of online school: IEBPTPCH, COBOL assignment, (non)functional requirements, Thymeleaf

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  1. Week 1 and 2 of online school: sprint boot setup, JCL and COBOL, how to work as a team

2. Week 3 of online school: SPACE, Tables, POST/GET, development life cycle

3. Week 4 of online school: IEBGENER, Tables with ranges, JSP, and Agile


Another utility: IEBPTPCH(print punch).

//DD *
123 COURSE1 80
234 COURSE2 70
345 COURSE3 75
//DD *
RECORD FIELD=(10,1,,5),FIELD=(20,11,,15),FIELD=(3,31,,35)

The second DD statement is saying:

  • We have three fields.
  • The title on our first line is “course info”, which starts in column 20. Then comes our second line. We can only have two or fewer TITLE.
  • The first record field has a size of 10, we start reading the data from column one, the parameter we skipped is about unpacking the data, and the last one is the column to starts writing the field. So, (size, start reading, unpacking, start writing).

If we didn’t specify a format like this, JCL will prints data in 8 bytes, two spaces, 8 bytes, two spaces, 8 bytes format.

The later field will overwrite the previous one if we overlap the columns in the declaration.

251-Advanced COBOL

This week’s lab is an error finding lab. The remaining time is assigned for our first assignment.

31-Java Web Framework

We started using templates in Thymeleaf. I thought it will be re-usable templates(as layout in Jekyll) but it actually works like views in Laravel.

//We created a view under the tempates folder
<p th:text="${message}"></p>
//And then return that view in our controller
public String greet(Model model) {
model.addAttribute("message", "Hello Spring Boot!");
return "messageView";

Oh right! MVC.

340-System Analysis and Design

More about Agile and Scrum.

Functional requirements are “what does the application need to do”. Non-functional requirements are “how should the application function”.

I am learning computer programming.